Every one of a piano's 200+ strings must be precisely tuned to the correct frequency for your piano to sound its best.  It's just like tuning a guitar, just 40 times as many strings.  Whether you have an old upright or a brand new Steinway grand, regular tunings are essential.  Most piano manufacturers recommend at least two tunings every year. NJ Piano Service offers concert quality tuning services for all makes of grand and upright pianos. 



Not only are pianos exceedingly heavy, they are also very beautiful and very delicate.  Moving a piano yourself or with an untrained mover can be dangerous to yourself, your piano, and your home.  NJ Piano Service is fully equipped with the specialized equipment necessary to safely and efficiently move any grand or upright piano.  Contact us today and save yourself the trouble and a sore back!

Pickup went well. Difficult staircase navigated perfectly!
— Lawrence A, Piano Owner, Long Island, NY
Great experience! Both guys were on time, responsive, and very friendly. Would highly reccomend!
— Lauren J, Piano Owner, Glen Ridge, NJ


Whether your piano has a faded and cracked finish or no longer holds a tune, NJ Piano service has the solution for you.  Our team of dedicated craftsman work together to put in the many hours of skilled labor that go into a premium restoration.  Our specialties include historical instrument preservation, action upgrades and redesign, touchweight analysis and correction, and pinblock replacement and restringing.  Visit our photo gallery pages for pictures of our most recent restoration projects.

PianoDisc Installation

Ever wondered what it would be like if your piano could play itself?  The PianoDisc iQ player system does just that!  This state-of-the-art player system can be installed in any grand or upright piano, and allows you to play thousands of songs wirelessly from your Apple or Android device.  Philip Stewart is a factory trained and certified installer of the PianoDisc product line.  Contact us today to see how we can transform your piano.

Piano Rentals and Sales

Although NJ Piano service isn't a piano dealer (yet) we do have many connections and can often help you find a piano that will fit both your needs and your budget.  We also have used and restored pianos available from time to time, so feel free to reach out to us if you are in the market for a piano.  We can also provide rental pianos for weddings and other events.